Adcademic Pressure

9:03:00 AM

 The second semester of my senior year in high school, I got my first C. At the time it was the end of the world. Tears stained my transcript as I wallowed in self pity wondering if the universe created college algebra only to torture my poor mathematically inept brain. I debated if I would still be able to attend college, if my one C would drastically effect my scholarship opportunities. Hours upon hours I studied for this final only to end up with a C, average. I was average at something and it drove me insane. Average isn't bad, average is just that, average. Average only seems bad because all through life, students are pressured and pushed to excel at every subject. I'm not preaching that students shouldn't be pushed academically as this can aid in exceeding even their own expectations of themselves. No one should set low expectations in order to avoid disappointment, but that constant pushing and pressure can drive a person to see one C as the end of the world, when really it's just one step closer to never having to take another math class which is definitely something to celebrate.

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