I'm Saddish

10:29:00 AM

    I have a pretty consistent track record for being happy. It's second nature for me to look on the bright-side and brush off the little things that upset me, but sometimes life happens and the little things start to pile up. It's not a full out depressive episode by any means (I've not been diagnosed with depression), I just get into a funk. I get saddish. I sleep less, I eat more ice cream than usual, I call my mom. Usually this is due to stress or feeling uninspired or because a boy won't text me back (sigh). Whenever I start to feel like this I put on a good album (this time it's How To Be A Human Being) and I try to make a list of all the good things about my life and myself. I keep this list open on my laptop, in my phone, on my fridge...just to remind myself that even though it seems like my life sucks it definitely doesn't. So if you feel saddish, keep your chin up because there's so much good in the world and so much to smile about.

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