I Hope You Find Someone (Who Makes You Feel This Way All The Time)

8:56:00 PM

We drove around in circles
looking for somewhere to eat
early or late
(depending on how you looked at it)
in the morning.

The sky was dark
and the pavement still wet and jet black from the rain earlier.
I realized it was starting to sprinkle again.
I watched the lights from the stoplight dance on the glossy pavement
in front of us as we made another loop.
You put your hand on my leg
and I smiled knowing that you were silently telling me
"I know you're getting hangry love, but let's drive a little while longer".

When we finally found refuge,
a small diner in what seemed like the middle of nowhere,
I said a quick thanks to the late night breakfast food gods.
Pancakes and greasy bacon filled our stomachs
as you convinced me that no, I definitely did not
need a second cup of coffee.

We got in your car and headed back home.
My stomach, warm with coffee
and my head filled with half awake thoughts,
I remembered why I loved you so much.
On the way back to our apartment
I found myself hoping to hit every red light
 just so I could spend that much longer with you.

*sometimes I like to pretend I'm John Green and write to my overly romantic heart's content
**how excited are you guys for the Gilmore Girls Special 

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