Hey Look At This Thing I Made (DIY Decoupaged Coffee Table)

4:38:00 PM

    This summer, my lovely wonderful Aunt gave me a coffee table that had been sitting in her basement for five ever. I own none of the furniture in my apartment so I was excited to finally have something that was mine, but I wanted to make it a bit more me. With the help of Mr. Kate and my friend Jakob, I successfully decoupaged my first coffee table.


    There was a fair amount of stain and finish on it and I knew I wanted to paint it, so Jakob sanded away with an electric sander while I was at work. Then we spray painted like crazy. It took 2 cans and multiple "light" coats to get the color I wanted.

The paint dried fairly quickly but I waited until the next day to make sure it was completely dry before I started slopping modge podge all over the top of the table. I've never decoupaged in my life, but it was fairly easy (and v messy) to do. I had ripped out and cut pages and images from 2 books I bought at a used book store.

 After I decoupaged the top with all the pages I could think of, I set it in the garage and let it dry until the next day. After I checked that the glue was dry I applied multiple coats of a poly acrylic finish in order to protect the top of the table and make it easier to clean. After that dried, we brought it back into my living room and marveled at my new table in all it's glory.

Eloise seems to approve of the new coffee table and I'm sure will still enjoy knocking multiple glasses of water off it.  

A very appreciative thanks to Jakob and his rugged manliness and electric sander.

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