How Do I Teach Kindness (In a World of Hate)?

7:31:00 PM


      Early this morning at about 2am, the election ended. Donald Trump became the United States' 45th president. All political issues aside; the man is a bully. His campaign was run on bigotry, hate, misogyny and intolerance for anyone different than him. At 2am I texted one of my friends "it's over." This election is different than any we've ever had before. People have disliked some candidates, even hated them, but were never so fearfully petrified by one.
      I am scared. My Black, LGBTQ, POC, Female, non Christian friends are scared. Those who are not, have never and will never experience this fear or be affected by it. What a privilege to be a White Cis Male during this time and to those who are, I plead - speak up. Stand up. Use your privilege as a platform for those who don't have one. While we owe our future President an open mind it is hard not predict the amount of hate and intolerance that will grow when he takes office. It's easy to say that not all Trump's policies will be passed, but our House, Senate and President lean to the right. This has not happened since the 1920s. Half of America voted for him. Half of America believes that a white America is a great America. We have 2 months left until our country changes. This is not about being red or blue, left or right. It's about being a person living in a country that doesn't want you here.
     I am a double major in English and secondary education and my first year of teaching will be in the middle of his term. Hate is taught. Intolerance, racism, misogyny is taught. I am scared about teaching my students acceptance and tolerance when the leader of our country stands for everything but. I want to teach my students the power of what comes out of their mouth, the magic that happens when you put ink to a piece of paper. I want to teach them about the power of words, how you can change the world with them and how it is their choice whether what they say it is for the worse or for the better. I am sad for our country, but will not mourn for long because I plan to fight back. We cannot let hate win. We must stay strong and believe in light, love and acceptance. I wish with every fiber of my being that I am able to teach my students kindness for one another despite what the Leader of the Free World, our Commander-in-Chief, President Trump says.

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