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     The other day I realized how I'm so lucky to have been surrounded by smart, beautiful strong women all my life. My wonderful, incredible woman of a Mother is a successful entrepreneur and has raised two children all on her own. My Grandmother is full of wit and wisdom that sometimes she'll share with my sister and I over a slice of apple crisp. Next year, my sister is fearlessly venturing into a field of study dominated by men and I can't wait to see her flourish. I look up to these women and all the women in my family. They have taught me how to "do me" and not back down when things get tough or seem hard. My family being of strong women made me look for them in my friends. My friend Sam is a mentor in STEM Connection. She inspires young girls to see STEM related careers as something to pursue and somehow finds time to globe-trot the world in the meantime . My friend Hannah is one of the most bad-ass people I know. She rocks green lipstick and is plowing through the chemical engineering program at her University. My best friend since 4th grade, Christy, is off in Ohio playing her original music in coffee shops, sharing her talent with whoever will listen. These women: my family, my friends, my friends who have become family show me everyday how much grind it takes to succeed. They have taught me how to make my voice heard and not be afraid to shout. They've taught me in a sense, how to smash the patriarchy.

*Photo of Hannah - Full gallery here 

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