I'm in the Early Life Section of My Wikipedia Page

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      The other day (yesterday actually) I said something that surprised me. I was talking to some friends about traveling overseas this summer and upcoming spring break. I'm spending a good chunk of my savings on these trips, but I want to travel and I was planning on using my savings for traveling anyway. Typically people have savings for when they want to buy a house, buy a car or start a family. When talking about how I was spending a most of my savings on these trips I blurted out "But I don't want a family, I want a plane ticket".
      It's not that I don't adore the family I have, I just don't want to start my own. I have been told countless times, even by people I work with, that I'll want kids and want to get married when my "biological clock" starts ticking. I actually almost gagged when I heard this. I've been asked countless time about how I can want to be a teacher, but not want kids or a family of my own. Maybe in the future (way way way future) I'll meet someone who makes me want to settle down, but that's never been the plan or a goal for me. When prompted with the ever original "Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?" I've never said I see myself with kids or married. I've always said I see myself teaching at a university on the coast, traveling, taking photos, living in a tiny apartment with 12 cats.
      It's not that someone can't travel or adventure when they're married and have kids, it's just that I'd rather not. Being raised by a single mother, I've grown to be a sort of a lone wolf, independent, don't need a man type of 20 year old girl. I've never had a serious significant other and am honestly too ambitious to have one. My mom's singleness didn't force me to not want to have kids or get married, it just instilled a sort of quite confidence in the fact that I don't and have never felt the need to. I have friends who are married, who are engaged, some girls I knew in high school are pregnant even. Everyone's at a different place in their life. My friend Kaylee told me "You're just in the Early Life section of your Wikipedia page right now."
       This March I am traveling to Sweden and Denmark with my friend Sam, and her friend Jenny. Then, this summer I'm traveling across Europe to 4 different cities with my camera and a backpack. Reflecting back on this year (whoa it's the end of December already) I can see that I've grown as a person tremendously. I'm ready for the New Year and all the adventures I hope it brings.
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