10:33:00 AM

     Over spring break I had the insane opportunity to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark with two of my loveliest friends. It all started on Christmas eve when Sam announced to Jenny and I that tickets to Norway were under $200 and we had to go. A few days later those tickets shot up, but tickets to Copenhagen and Stockholm went down. After some late night-group call-plane ticket shopping sprees we were set to fly out March 17th.  
    Copenhagen was a great mixture of old and new and even though the weather was mostly dreary, walking in the rain wasn't too bad. One of my favorite nights was when we ate dessert in a small cafe and it started snowing. Not exactly the beach, but not too terrible of a way to spend spring break.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, hope you had a great trip. I love the clips of the bread and danishes. Oh to try one of those I would probably just die of happiness.

    Je M'appelle Chanel