It's Been a While

4:24:00 PM

   Only 12 days into the new year and already so much has happened. I quit my old job and started a new one. I went through a breakup. I bought a ticket to Las Vegas. I'm planning a trip to Los Angeles. It's been a while since I've posted on here, but I'm ready to keep improving my creative game and make more content. This upcoming year is going to be filled with so many exciting events and opportunities and I hope I get to share them on here.
   Winter break is sadly coming to an end, but recently I got to experience and shoot at the selfie boutique at Snow & Company in KC. There was lots of fun energy and everywhere you looked someone had a camera. It's a bit strange to think that this interactive space was purely meant for people to take photos in. One of my friends brought up the question if something like this would even exist without Instagram? That aside, I had a great time and it was incredible seeing the support for local artists.

photos of me taken by @samviron

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  1. So glad to be reading Serving looks and nuances. Cheers to 2018 and all it'll bring for you MT!