A Minute in Las Vegas

10:35:00 PM

Just a few weeks ago I was on spring break in Las Vegas. It was my first time there and to be honest I didn't really know what to expect apart from what I had seen in movies or tv shows. I had gotten a new camera and was eager to use it on my trip (how I managed to get the camera in time is a story on its own). Everything in this post was shot on a 35mm lens which is a slight change from my normal nifty-fifty lens. Most of my favorite parts of the trip are shown in the video linked below. My friends and I definitely took advantage of us all being 21 and went out a couple times, but my favorite parts of the trip really were the more nature inspired moments. It was amazing to me to wake up and see mountains outside our window everyday. Hiking Death Valley and Valley of Fire was an amazing experience even though I am STILL dumping sand out of my shoes. 

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