Y God Y At The Granada

6:36:00 PM

       About a month ago my friend Sam and I were talking about how rad it would be to get on the press list for concerts and shows. We joked about it for a little while before she told me that she had gotten us on the press list for the Hembree show with y god y and Dreamgirl at a venue in Lawrence. The last time I was at The Granada was probably when I saw Jeremy Loops about 4 years ago with my friend Christy, now I was on the press list for a show. I was so excited and it didn't even matter to me that finals were coming up. All that mattered was that I was on a press list and had the chance to create some content for some amazing bands. She focused on shooting photos, while I focused on filming to create a video. Thank you to y god y for letting me shoot you guys! 

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